Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lights, Camera, TURKEY!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

As you know, in this states this coming week is a time where friends and family get together, overload on some form of bird and sack out on the couch watching football. (There's also always a dog show on that morning for you dog lovers :P)

As someone who does enjoy a bit of turkey on top of mashed potatoes covered in a smidge of gravy with a side of cranberry sauce I thought, what would be more fitting than a tribute to the Turkey. You go bird!

The above picture was so kindly donated by our friend, Deb Richey. Deb is a pattern maker extraordinaire. And if the above picture doesn't prove that to you, just check out her Etsy site or website.

And for your viewing pleasure, a trio of hand picked turkeys:

Also very kind to donate a few festive pictures was Brooke Krueger. Brooke is a wife and mother and loves to crochet new and fun hats for her toddler. (I have that same inspiration Brooke!)

I just adore this one. It's got whimsy and looks a lot like a football helmet. I'd love to see a turkeys vs. stuffing game one Sunday! The edging around the brim of the hat is a nice touch and makes the hat look nicely finished.

And lastly just to get you excited for next month.....a Moose!

Also created by Brooke, this hat is cute and creative. (Are those antler stuffed?!) The neck ties are a nice touch and how cute is the nose made with buttons, crazy cute! more of Brooke's items can be seen on her etsy site.

I hope all of you have a very wonderful Thanksgiving - and for my international viewers, have a lovely November 24.

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