Monday, October 10, 2011

The 2011 Fairfax Fall Festival

Thanks to all my supporters and friends who came out to see me this past weekend at the Fairfax Fall Festival. It was a beautiful day with lots of great crafts to see. I myself bought several bags of spiced nuts (pumpkin pecans and garlic pistachios, yum!). Now I'm on the hunt for another show for this year. I was waited listed for my first pick and would love a second option so if anyone knows of one let  me know! :)

Now that winter has started to roll in and the leaves have begun changing color I find my creative juices pumping and my need to try new things growing stronger. In celebration on the changing of the seasons I thought it would be fun to get a bit creative. So each week I'll post my week's idea and then everyone can post pics on my Facebook page of their creative interpretation. I received a lot of great recommendations at the show from some creative people so I have a whole arsenal of ideas.

October being the month of ghosts and goblins I think we'll go with a spooky theme all month. This week we'll be honoring the mighty Spider!

So crack out the yarn and make your best hat, tea cozy, sweater, scarf, mittens, skirt, hand towel, whatever! with the theme of the SPIDER in mind.

I'll post the best submissions on my page with a personal shout out to each crafter.

Remember to post pics on my Facebook page and happy crafting!
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