Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Sock Summit 2011

I've just learned of a fun upcoming event in Portland, Oregon for my knitting viewers. It's called the Sock Summit (http://www.socksummit.com/). I don't follow the knitting circle (a pun!!) to closely so I'm not clued in on all the fun happenings around the world, but this event sounds pretty fun. If you are headed there I'd love to hear your story of travel, adventure, new friends, new techniques and fun fun fun.

Also, if you have an event coming up or sponsor a crochet or knitting group, send me a message with all the info and make sure to send a shout out to the group about it.

The summer's gotta end sometime and when it ends, the cold winds blow into town and people starting searching for their hats, mittens, gloves and sweaters. Start your crafting friends, because winter is a commin'!

Also, miss you guys. I'm back I swear :)

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