Sunday, May 15, 2011

Post Fair Wrap Up

Heritage Day at the Park - Purcelleville, VA 

I just know you guys are all a twitter wondering how my day at the fair went....Right? Well, I'll tell you anyway. 

First, the fair was very cool, there were a ton of activities for kids like:

Donkey Rides!
and these are no small ornery donkeys my friends. These things were HUGE! And seemed to be quite friendly. And notice how large the ears on them are? It makes that scene from Pinocchio make much more sense. 

They also had a civil war encampment:

As well as a petting zoo, face painting, henna tatoos, a farmer's market, two or three vendors selling pie (my kriptonite), a band, and a full train set display with working train. It was pretty impressive and I tip my hat to the organizers.

The ONLY downside was that it was cold, rainy, humid and gross - if you only consider the atmospheric conditions :) This let to poor turnout and low sales. BUT I did get to know my booth neighbor quite well (there she is in the picture below) and she gave me tips on upcoming shows and such.

Below is a few pictures of my booth set-up. I went with something a little differen than last time so that I could test whether having my table of flowers int he front helped them to get more attention. The answer is yes, it did, so I'll be doing that in future. I also got more practice putting up and collapsing my tent so I'm counting the trip as an overall success. Which is why I went out and bought tons of plants for my garden today :)

Also, because I hate to just sit around and it's rude to read a magazine when customers are walking in and out - I finished two croceht projects while at the fair! One item was an elephant hat and the other was a new hat:

I'm thinking of adding a face to future versions as it makes me think of a cat - what do you think? Do you see a cat? It might also be a fox or some sort of terrier, but I'm going with CAT ok? lol

Also for the show I made a few color versions of the bowl we made a few weeks ago:

If you don't remember us making a bowl, click HERE.

I don't have any more fair engagements planned until August so I'll be doing some experimenting this summer. I've got a few ideas for different animal hats, a purse or two. And don't worry, I have plenty to share with you all too :) So keep in touch and let me know how your special project is going. Find me at Facebook or Twitter and have a great May!
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