Saturday, May 21, 2011

Monster Hats!

Monsters always come in Twos

Good evening fellow crafters and yarn enthusiasts! I wanted to share with you all a little project I've been working on and get your feedback. My niece Alli loves my monster hat that I made for infants and want want wanted one for her adult sized head. Sooo I've been fiddling with the design to find just the right combo of features to be cute and yet still monster-ee. 

For those of your who have not been to my Etsy store (, here is a picture of the hat in question: 

The yarn I used for this hat is from an old stash I had and I didn't have any more so I went to Michael's and I found two alternative multicolor yarns that were very soft and 'shmoofy.' But I wanted to play with the nose a little. 

First, I wanted to get your two cents on the nose I crocheted for the new hats. The one in the above picture is more of a half circle while the two new hats have more of a triangular nose. 

Do you like the more half circle one or do you like the new design with the triangle?

Secondly, which do you like more the fan-like ears or  the circle ears?

In any case, they are both very soft and yummy to wear and my niece will now get to pick wether she'd rather be in orange or purple. 

Any of you have some fun projects you'd like to share? Let me know on my Facebook or Twitter pages.
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