Monday, May 23, 2011

Monster Hat Sucess!

A Modern Day Monster

Well, it took four tries, but check this puppy out! I have this overwhelming sense of mission impossible  accomplished! It's pretty cool. I'll be trying it out on my son tomorrow so I'll post more pics with the cuteness, but for now check out how great this looks. ...then look at the olds posts and see how ugly it was. Then look at how cute it is in this post again :)

Next up is conquering a frog hat. I had a lot of green yarn on hand so it seemed like the logical choice. 

Here's a little fun for your noggin':

One day Bryan was walking in the woods. There was a stream just over the next hill and he had brought his boots so that he could go wading, looking for rocks to add to his collection. The stream had many times before provided colorful stones that Bryan polished and kept in a secret box under his bead. He'd spend hours looking up each stone in the rock book his dad have given him. 

Just over the next crest Bryan would just see the edge of the stream. Something bent over, taking a drink. It seemed to short for a man and it was hairy. Afraid it could be a bear Bryan ducked down and shuffled to a nearby tree. The thing drank from the stream for long minutes and for each passing second, sweat and shivers coursed down Bryan's arms. He was sweating and yet freezing and his whole body screamed to run, but he couldn't; he was mesmerized. Finally the thing bent up to sniff the air and Bryan could see large dull ears twist in his direction. The animal did not turn to look at Bryan, even though he was sure it knew he was there. Instead it raised its head and let out a low whine - the wind carried it and upon reaching Bryan's ears a sharp pain stung him behind the eyes. 

Bryan squinted and raised his hand to rub the ache away when a loud shuffling alerted him that the animal was moving quickly. Looking wildly around Bryan was shocked to see the animal mear feet from him, his head tilted, staring at Bryan. Bryan only stared back, not sure what to do next. The animal had a reddish speckled coat and large eyes. It's nose projected from its face and it seemed to be twitching - smelling him. 
Just when Bryan thought the animal would turn to leave it lept at him, knocking him over. Bryan scrambled to his feet ready to kick and punch, but the animal ignored him. Instead remaining on the ground to grapple with an unseen thing. Bryan again stared unbelievingly until the animal finally turned, a snake it's hands. Relief filled Bryan's body and he quickly grabbed the tree to keep from falling. It hadn't tried to kill him. Whether it saved his life or merely caught a bit of food, it didn't want to eat him and that's all that matter. 

Bryan silently tipped his head to the now distracted animal and slowly backed away. When he'd gained a significant distant he turned and walked back up to the next hill and over. Next time, he told himself, I'll need to bring some food for the Monster.

Night guys! Have a great Tuesday! And don't forget to say hi on Facebook and Twitter!
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