Sunday, May 22, 2011

Monster Hat - Attempt three

I tried again tonight. Still not really impressed, but I'm getting there. This one looks slightly like a pig and I think the eyes need to be closer to the nose and a little bigger. Thoughts?

This is the fun and yet aggravating part of crochet work. You need to try over and over and over and until you make something truly fabulous. But don't give up! I spoke to a very nice woman at my last show who'd made the same hat 3 times and still wasn't happy. Why? The stitches might be too lose, or maybe she messed up the pattern early on and wanted to go back and fix it, or she made it too small or too large.

You just need to keep trying! And don't worry, if it looks silly it doesn't matter - your friends will still be impressed, your kids tickled and your hands busy.

Hugs everybody!

Here's a few more pics for your enjoyment:

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