Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Good Morning friends and fellow crafters. All is well here on the East Coast of the US today. Yesterday was a hot and humid day, but my family made the most of it by playing PlayStation games and reading books on the deck!

I also was working on some different sizes of my hats. I don't have another show until September, but I want to be super prepared. Now that I have a general pattern I like to use for the shells (that's the hat part with out the body parts and eyes) I can sit and whip up a bunch and then work on adding the extra bits. I was working on a purple version of my monster hat. Hopefully tonight I'll finish them up with ears and eyes. 

I also took a moment to do a little photo shoot. My son is such a good sport (see above photo), but at about picture 10 he wanted to switch places and me wear the hat while he took pictures. He loves cameras- and is adorable - so we compromised and I let him use my old Canon Powershot and not the fancy Nikon. 

So what's everyone's plan for Memorial Day? I know this isn't a holiday for my european/southamerican friends, but for the US peeps - will you Grill, go to a parade, go see family, call up a loved one? What ever you do, I hope the sun shines down on you!

And in case you're feeling down, here's a pic to lift you up!

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