Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Frog By Any Other Name


Remember on my Facebook page yesterday when I said I was working on a frog hat? ...no? Ok well, I had a bit of fun on this one. The eyes are not stuffed, I used a smaller hook size to obtain a stiff texture which allows the eyes to keep their shape. You can use this technique for making a brim on a hat or other item that needs to keep its shape. 

The eyes actually took two tries. What I found worked best was to make a flat circle in white and then add a half circle row or two of green on the edges. This makes the eyes look like the pop out. 

This hat is actually my five year old size, but you can see how well the hats stretch to grow with your kids. My son will be wearing his hats for years! 

Now I need your opinions on this one - do you think it needs a tongue? nose? I kind of like it with just the eyes. And if you check out the below example I think my hat looks pretty close. Thoughts?

Feeling creative? Share your trials and tribulations with Moi for a chance to win a stuffing animal hat creation - a la Crochet By Karin. Just post to my Facebook page and I'll pick at random (with feedback from my 2.5 yr old son). 

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