Thursday, May 26, 2011

Extended Single Crochet in Two Colors

Extended Single Crochet in Two Colors
(Multiple of 1)

I doing some experimenting and discovered this beauty and like the nice person I am - decided to share it rather than horde it. But that's crochet for you. What's the point of coming up with new stitches and patterns unless you share it. BUT I would LOVE to see what you do with it! (see the side bar for my Facebook and Twitter pages)
Ok, so we covered the extended single crochet stitch a few weeks ago. (Click HERE if you want to see the posting.) Here I've added some flair using a second color as part of the stitch.

Rather than starting with the base chain I'm going to jump after row 4, but the stitch is the same in any row so you could use this half way through a piece to make a row or two stand out or make a whole scarf, hat, bag in this pattern.

So here's my piece after 4 rows. To start your next row you're going to insert you hook in the first stitch and with only the blue pull up a loop.

Next, yarn over and pull through to completed the extended stitch. 

After this you're going to top of the stitch with a loop of red. Using only the red, yarn over and pull through all three loops on the hook (the first stitch of a row is the only time you will have 3 loops on your hook).

Here's what it looks like after a few more stitches.

When you reach the end, yarn over with both colors and pull up a loop. This will be your turning chain.

Next, flip your piece over.

The next row is crocheted the same as the last except you change colors so now the red is used to make the extended stitch and the blue is used to top the stitch. First insert your hook and using only the red pull up a loop.

Then yarn over and pull up a new loop - this completes the extended portion of the stitch.

To top the stitch, yarn over with only the blue and pull though all loops on the hook. Repeat across.

I have an idea for how I want to use this, but would love to hear yours as well. If all goes well I post a pick next week for your viewing pleasure. 

It's a three day weekend this weekend, everyone have fun and don't forget to bring a hook and some yarn in your bag in case you're stuck in line for ice cream at the fair :)
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