Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Snuggly Bunny for your snuggly bunny

It's that time again! I love holidays and Easter is an especially fun one. Why? Because there's a theme!!! Because there's tradition and family activities and fun fun fun! Eggs, Bunnies, Baskets, Candy - what's better than that right??

The above photo was happily donated by Leanne Rodriguez. Leanne has been knitting since her Nana taught her at age 5 and crocheting since she was 15 years old!! That's a lot of time to practice, develop and create and she sure is good at all three.

I was going to guess single crochet for the above bunny and it turns out I was right. Leanne confirmed that the entire bunny is crocheted using single crochet stitch. (Except the eyes and mouth - see my Easter Egg pattern  for tips on adding facial features) Love the ears!!

Single crochet isn't Leanne's favorite stitch though. When asked, Leanne informed me that Double Crochet was her favorite, because of its versatility. You can add a chain stitch to make granny squares or double crochet only in the front or back posts to add texture. Also, the double crochet stitch is tall and fast so you can make things quickly without compromising on looks.

The above bunny is available in several colors on Leanne's Etsy Site along with many other adorable items.
Also, check out her Facebook site and see what else Leanne is up to.
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