Friday, April 1, 2011

Shells on Arches!

Shells on Arches

(multiple of 3, plus 1)

Since I covered arches I thought I'd show you a fun way to spice them up! You can mix up this pattern by using different colored rows or use a single color to let the pattern do the talkin'. I like it for a cool scarf or as a yoga bag. I'll brain storm the yoga bag and see if I can't come up with a pattern for you! Check me out next week sometime and I'll have the pattern up.

Ok, so to crochet this pattern you first need to make your arches. The base chain formula for this pattern is any multiple of 1, plus 1 for the turning chain. So crochet 13 loops and add a single crochet to the second loop from the hook. Next chain 3 and add a single crochet stitch to the third loop from your current location (skip two stitches and sc in the next). Repeat across and finish with a single crochet in the last stitch.

For your next row - which will be your row of Shells, chain 2 (this will be your end row dc stitch) and turn. Add 4 double crochet stitches to the first arch. Add four double crochet stitches to each arch across the row. End with a double crochet in the last stitch.

Ok, so I made two rows because I was having so much fun. So what!? Riiiiigght, you want to see how to do it too. Sorry!

Ok, so chain 1 and turn. Single crochet in the first double crochet of the row. Chain 3 and single crochet in the 4th stitch (skip 3 stitches and sc in the next). Repeat across, adding a single crochet to every fourth stitch.

Next, Chain 2 for the first double crochet and add four double crochet stitches to each arch across.

Repeat the last few steps for your fourth row. And you get this awesome piece pictured below.

Ok friends, do me a favor now and encourage me to write up that yoga bag pattern - just go to my Facebook site or Twitter me and tell me to "make that pattern!" No worries, I WILL get it done :) But only for you guys 'cause you're so great.
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