Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Day At The Fair

My Booth!

Today I attended my first craft show. I had a lot of fun, met some really great new people and learned a lot about being a vendor. 

For one, bring mini weights and lots of tape! I had duct tape, which was a blessing because my price cards kept blowing away. Unfortunitely I couldn't really tape my hats and such down so found myself running to pick them back up all day long. Next time I will make little bags of sand to use to weigh my lighter items down so they won't go flying.

Also, it was cold. Next time I will bring additional clothing just in case. I had worn a sweater and jacket, but with the wind it was just chilly. 

I love my flowers, but I didn't get a lot of interest from visitors so I am thinking my husband was right when he said people would rather get real and replace them than fake and maintain them. I still think they are beautiful, but I may not spend so much time on making new ones. At least for now. 

I learned to be less varied in my pricing. I found myself several times looking for the price card so I'd know how much something was. I will now be switching all of my hats to have two prices: $10 for infant to 3T and $15 for adults (10-100).

My hats did sell well and seems to be the most popular things - probably because it was cold - but I noted a low interest in my sweaters and skirts.  People want to try sweaters on and they were hesitant to do so at the fair. I attributed this to them being afraid to ask, there not being a place to change and general disenterest.

I received a lot of interest in my seasonal items, including crocheted eggs, Easter chicks and baskets. So I will continue to make a small line of season related items for each show. 

And finally, I had a last minute genius idea that I am so happy I decided to go with. And it starts with weights. If you're going to use a canapy than you need to weigh it down. Why? Because they're like huge umbrellas and quite a few of these shows will be on pavement where you cannot use your ground steaks. 

I didn't have time to make do-it-yourself weights so I opted to use my husband's hand weights (20 and 25 lbs). But I didn't want anyone to see them, because lets face it. If you go to a vendors booth and see dumbells holding the tent from blowing away, it looks somewhat unfinished like you're not professional. 

So what I did to address this was make crocheted bags in which to stitch the weights. See the above photo, check out the front right leg of my tent. See the little bag? Lets take a closer look.

Isn't it cute?!! I loved this idea because I can make the bags in different colors and the weights fit perfectly inside. I'm sure people assumed they were weights, but they didn't have to SEE them and the bags are so cute!  I'm going to add these to my Etsy shop because I think all venders should have one :):)

Finally, I gave out a lot of free patterns, free crafty kits and business cards. I'll follow-up with you guys in a few weeks to let you know if I've seen increased business due to the extra marketing. I'm hoping so!!

I am now thinking of crocheting a line of kitchen items, scrubbies, towels, bowels, etc and less clothing. And also making crocheted hats of a Monkey, Snake, and a Pig. Stay tuned for pictures.

All in all I did ok for my first show, met some great people and look forward to going out there again. I hope you guys also had a nice weekend and that your hooks were out, ready to crochet :)

If you made something cool, send me a pic to my Twitter or Facebook pages. Or send me a note through my Etsy shop.
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