Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fun with Spikes


A spike is a single crochet stitch that is completed on a lower row than the one you are currently on. Spikes are a fun way to add pattern or trim to your crocheted item. The above would make a great bookmark if you used a thin thread or you could sew several together to make a blanket or scarf.

I thought we'd just have fun with this one so check it out then send in some pics of your best pattern. 

Ok, so to make the above example first crochet 3 rows of single crochet. I crocheted a 15 sc base chain for the example.

Next, with a different color, add a single crochet to the first stitch. 

To make the Spike, insert your hook in a lower row and pull up a loop. Pull a long loop, you don't want this to be tight because it'll pucker the pattern. Pull a long enough loop so that it reaches the top of your current row. Finish the Spike by yarning over and pulling through both loops.

For this pattern make your next Spike larger than the last, so insert your hook one row lower than before. Pull up a loose loop and finish the single crochet.

 To make the pictured pattern you will repeat the following pattern (sc, spike 1 row down, spike 2 rows down, spike 1 row down) until you reach the end.

Here's my finished row. You could then switch bag to the blue, add another 3 rows and then the spike again. This would look very pretty. I chose to add trim around the entire piece. My bottom row was crocheted mirroring the top row. 

Other options that I came up with include:


What do you think?? Well, I want to see what you come up with. Post pics to my Facebook page or Twitter them to me. And have fun!!
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