Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fluffy Bunny Hat

It's Bunny Time!

There's nothing better than a wee one in ears - this one being no exception. Kristin Hathway, owner and operator of Addys Hats crocheted this little number and what a good job she did.

I took a close look at this one and I was thinking SC for the ears due to the close stitching. The hat shell looks like an open weave so maybe DC or TrC - turns out I was close, but not 100%

Kristin confirms that the body of the hat is DC, but the ears are a combo of SC, HDC, and DC.

Kristin's favorite stitch is the HDC ....[A good Choice!]
"because it makes a nice warm hat and looks nice and neat."

Kristin's store has a wide variety of hats, many with ears, in child and adult sizes.

Also follow along on her facebook page and learn about the crafter behind the craft:
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