Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Flower Blanket Pattern

Crochet Flower Blanket Pattern
It took me four tries tonight to get this one right for you guys, but here it is. I wanted to make crocheted flowers that connected using pichot stitch, but that was not working out for me so I'm using arches and slip stitches to connect the flowers. 

To make your first flower make a loop and chain 3 stitches. Next add 17 triple crochet stitches to the first loop you made:

A triple crochet stitch is made by yarning over twice, inserting your hook and pulling up a loop. Yarning over and pulling through 2 loops on your hook - three times.

After you've added your 17 triple crochet stitches, slip stitch to the first triple and chain 4. This will be your first arch. Connect it to the circle by slip stitching to the second triple crochet stitch from the hook. Repeat.

Continue to add arches until you've crocheted all the way around. When you're on your last arch, slip stitch in the same stitch as your original arch - this will ensure that there isn't a gap.

Repeat for a second flower, but stop after you've crocheted your second arch. 

Here's my first flower. This will be your starter flower.

Next make your second flower and chain 2 arches.

 When making your third arch, chain 2 and slip stitch to an arch from your previous flower.

Next chain 2 and finish the arch. 

Repeat to connect a second arch to your first flower. Add arches all the way around and finish off.

Repeat 2 more times - for your fourth flower you will need to connect two sides so it's best to start connecting early to make sure you've left yourself enough room. I always start by making two arches, then start attaching. 

Cool right?? Pick whichever colors you like best and start crocheting. You end up with two ends per flower to sew in - so make sure you have the patience for this. I like to make a piece, then sit down to a good movie and sew in all the ends.

Send me some pics! I'd love to see a finished copy of this. Find me on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

And remember to have fun!!
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