Sunday, April 3, 2011

Double Crochets on Different Rows

Fun with Front & Back Post Double Crochet

So I thought for tonight's post that I was do something silly and fun. Not sure if this is super useful for use to make anything, but I wanted to show you something crazy since I just got back from my business trip - which was not crazy.

Ok, so the above pattern - which I know looks a bit odd - is made using alternating front and back post double crochet. I started the pattern by first crocheting a base chain of 10 chains and crochet 3 rows of Single crochet. You'll be switching to a new color next so go ahead and cut your thread and pull through the loop on your hook to secure.

Next, with your next color, pull through a loop and then add a single crochet to the first stitch of the row.

Yarn over and insert your hook in the next single crochet, but in the row below the one you're working in and crochet a double crochet. This is called a Front Post Double Crochet.

Here's me pointing at the correct row.

Inserting my hook to make a double crochet.

And the completed double crochet (DC). Finish by adding a single crochet to the next stitch and repeat across ending with a single crochet in the last stitch.

Here's my second double crochet.

This is a back view of the row. Notice how I skip a stitch, this is because this stitch is going in to the row below, you then skip the stitch to make sure you do not add anything additional stitches to the next row.

Ok, so you have two options here. You can cut and finish off your 'red' sting (or whatever color you're using) and go forward with a new color as I've done
you can progress with the same color

Here I've finished off the red and joined the blue. I use the same pattern as the previous row except I add back post double crochet stitches. This will make all the post stitches on the same side.

Yarn over and insert your hook in the sc stitch below the next stitch. You'll need to flip your work towards you so you can see the back side. Just aim at the stitch directly in-between the two double crochet stitches from the previous row. 

See the double crochet? Doesn't is look nice??

Add a single crochet in the next stitch (skipping a stitch) and add another back post double crochet.

The single crochet.

Me inserting my hook. (notice that I've yarned over fro the double crochet)

Me completing the double crochet.

To keep going you would then crochet three rows of single crochet in the color of your choice. Then add two rows of front and back post double crochet.

 Here's my first row of back post double crochet

 For the next row you can switch colors or stick with the same color.

Join your new color and add a single crochet. Next yarn over and add a front post double crochet to the next next single crochet stitch one row down. 

Repeat across.

Pretty cool right? Will you try this one out?? Let me know and play around with it. Bringing previous rows into the fun is exciting, frustrating, but ultimately rewarding.

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