Friday, April 22, 2011

The Bunny Hat on Vacation!

The Bunny Hat

If you guys haven't seen pics of my son on my Etsy shop, here he is!! And he's wearing the Bunny Hat. A hilarious hat I made when hopped up on caffeine and too little sleep. Notice the hair. The only thing I didn't add that I wanted to was a bunny tail in the back. 

But in any case, rather than letting this astonishing hat go waste I'll be taking some hilarious pics and posting a few on my Twitter feed and here for your personal enjoyment.

And just to get you laughing....

And can you believe only one person even commented on me wearing this hat all over the grocery store. And in fact, the only person to say anything was the check out person at the Dollar Store that asked if I'd made it myself!! Love that. 

And in case you guys are wondering, I LOVE seeing hilarious pics of people wearing their creations. So send up my way or post to my Facebook page. 

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