Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bitty Bunny Booties

Bunny Slippers!!!

The little faces on these shoes are sooo cute. And the ears fold over just perfectly. If my little guy was still that little I'd be slapping blue pair on his feet right now. Unfortunately my guy is big and wants puppies on his feet. 

These cute little shoes are made and sold by Joan of Sunshine Cottage Kids. Joan is a jewelry maker and crocheter with two grandchildren whom I'm sure love stealing all her best pieces. 

Joan confided in me that the above baby booties are made using single crochet stitch. They also come with a hat that you can just see at the top of the photo. The hat is crocheted using half double crochet which from a distance can easily be mistaken with single crochet, but is a bit more open weave than single. 

Joan's favorite stitch is either the extended single or extended half double crochet. Both stitches add height and make the stitches a bit looser for a more comfortable fit.

"For the extended single you would insert your hook into the first stitch, draw a loop through (just like a regular single stitch) you now have 2 loops on your hook, yarn over, draw through 1 loop, then yarn over draw through both loops"

"Extended half double is yarn over, insert hook into stitch, draw through a loop, you now have 3 loops on your hook, yarn over draw through 2 loops, then yarn over draw through all 3 remaining loops."

Thanks Joan!!

To see more of Joan's work go to her Etsy Page:

Or find her on Facebook:
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