Thursday, April 28, 2011

Front Post Puff Stitch

The Front Post Puff Stitch

Last week Shanna Tice of 'Makingsofshannatise' said that her favorite stitch was the front post puff stitch. Well, I thought it was a great recommendation so, here we go! 

I think the above example is really pretty and I can see why Shanna liked it so much. Shanna! If you have better pics, send them to me!! lol

This would probably look even better in a single color, but I wanted you guys to be able to really see it. Ok, so to crochet the sample you would make your starter loop and crochet 11 more loops. 

For your first row, crochet double crochet stitches across, chain 1 and turn.

The puff stitch is worked around the double crochet stitches with a single crochet inbetween to 'lock' the puffs in place so a single chain turning chain is all that's needed. First add a single crochet stitch to the first stitch.

Next, yarn over and insert your hook in and around the next double crochet post. Yarn over and pull up a loop (make the loops loose so that each are the same length)- you've now made part one of the puff stitch. You'll repeat this 3 more times.

Second time: Yarn over, insert your hook and pull up a loop.

Third time: Yarn over, insert your hook and pull up a loop. 

Fourth time: Yarn over, insert your hook and pull up a loop. 

Next Yarn over and pull through all loops on the hook, than yarn over and pull through the loop on your hook to lock the stitch.

Your puff stitch is now completed. To lock the puff stitch to the row, add a single crochet stitch to the next stitch (skip the double crochet you added the puff to). 

Repeat across addign a single crochet stitch to the last stitch in the row. Chain 2 and double crochet across. 

Repeat with another row of puff stitches.

This pattern is great for bowls or as an accent to a purse or scarf. If you have some pics of projects you've crocheted using this stitch, send them in! I'd love to add them as a feature. 

Have a happy Friday tomorrow and remember to come say hi to me on Facebook or Twitter

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Extended Half Double Crochet

Extended Half Double Crochet

Following on our theme from yesterday the Extended Half Double Crochet is the next size in this extended family, lol. The extended portion of this stitch adds a bit of height, but also looks a little like a knitting stitch, almost like some crocheter fell in love with a knitter and together they made the Extended Stitch. That's just a theory though (but wouldn't it be nice if it were true??)

In any case, its a soft and pretty stitch and should be GREATLY admired. 

Carrying on......To crochet our sample you'll want to make your starter loop and crochet 11 more loops. 

Next, Yarn over and insert your hook in the third loop from the hook (not counting the loop on your hook!), pull up a loop to leave you with 3 loops on your so:

I skipped ahead because it's easier to see once you've done a few stitches.
Ok, so you now have three loops on your hook. To crochet the Extended part of this stitch you will yarn over and pull through the first loop on your hook.

You can now see the added stitch or 'extender.' Following this your crochet a normal half double by yarning over and pulling through all three loops on your hook. 

Repeat across for your first row of extended stitches, chain 2 and turn.

And just to add a bit of fun I'm including a comparison so you  can see the size and stitch difference. One the bottom is the half double, middle is the extended half double, top is the double.

See how the stitches look a little different? Mixing it up by switching from one to the other in a scarf or blanket would look really pretty. Or you could make squares in different stitches and sew them together. 

I'd love to hear your ideas! Come say HI on my Facebook page or on Twitter. I'd love to hear about what you're working on ...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Extended Single Crochet Stitch

Extended Single Crochet Stitch

Last week one of our featured crafters commented that she liked extended single and half double crochet stitch so I thought, lets do those! Both are super easy and fun and actually, I'd never done them before, but now think they're a pretty stitch so I might be using them more often. 

Today we're covering the extended Single Crochet, tune in tomorrow for the extended half double. And for those of you familiar with this stitch - tell me if I get it wrong, lol

For my sample I made my starter loop and crocheted 10 loops.

Next, insert you loop in the second chain from the hook (not counting the loop on the hook) and pull up a loop.

Normally you would then 'yarn over and pull through both loops on hook.' For the Extended Single Crochet you yarn over and pull through the first loop <-- this makes the extended stitch

See the added stitch? Pretty right?

Next, yarn over and pull through both loops on hook. 

Repeat across, chain 1 and turn.

This stitch is a bit taller that the single and looks a bit different from the double - check out this comparison:

The middle is the extended single, bottom is single and top is double. 

Have a bit of fun with this one and let me know what you think by posting comments to my Facebook site and Twitter feed.

Also, I'm always looking for new stitch ideas- if you have one I'll give you credit and everything! Just send me a message to the above locations. Cheers!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Administrative Professionals Day

Administrative Professionals Day

As some of you may know, this blog is a hobby, a love, an obsession - but not my full time gig. I'm a desk robot by day, spending 8+ hours reviewing reports, answering my phone and writing letters. So you can understand when I say I have a soft spot for those individuals who answer my calls when I'm busy, help me dodge people I don't want to talk to, mail letters when I can't figure out how to send something registered mail to India, etc etc.

Administrative Professionals are the unsung heroes, the allies, friends and confidants. They are wonderful, bright, creative people and they don't get thanked enough. Sooo I'm including below a few Ideas that I suggest to you with all sincerity. Yes, one or two are might (it is my blog after all), but the rest I have brazenly thieved off of Etsy (which I think is a GREAT place to shop for cool, hand made items). If you like something, click on the picture and it should take you to the shop in question. 

And remember, it's ok to buy your administrative professional some flowers or even some lunch, in fact, it's highly encouraged.


A funky Nick Knack bowl in his/her favorite color would make a great desk accessory. 
I keep binder clips in mine!

How about a few flowers to brighten up the cube!

This handsome pen cubby will match any office decor.

Happy Cactus!! Fight the blues with these colorful carefree plants.

For those freezing cold offices (like mine!!), a Cup Cozy will keep your tea or coffee hot longer 
and update any old cup from downtown to uptown!

Crochet Bracelet - Craft project!

Craft Project!

Grab the girls, grab the boys, grab some wine!! And make a few fabulous crochet bracelets to fill your time. 

This is a great starter pattern for all new crocheters as there is no sewing in of the ends, you use them to tie the bracelet together. Also, the pattern only has one basic stitch - Single Crochet!

Let's get started!!!


Step 1: Take your yarn and make a circle, than place one end of string over the circle. Use your hook to pull the string through the circle to make a loop. Grab a piece of yarn with your hook and pull through the loop to make another loop.

              Continue Continue making loops until the chain of loops fits loosely around your wrist.

Step 2: Take your hook and insert it in the second loop from your hook. Pull up a loop. Grab a piece of yarn with your hook and pull it through both loops on your hook. Repeat this for every loop.  (This is called a single crochet)

Step 3: When you reach the end grab a piece of yarn with your hook and pull up a loop.

 Turn over the bracelet so that the long part is pointed to the left of you.

Step 4:  Take your hook and insert it in the next stitch. Pull up a loop.

Grab a piece of yarn with your hook and pull it through both loops on your hook. Repeat this for every loop. Repeat row 4 until the bracelet is your desired thickness.

Step 5: Take your two end strings and loop them around the opposite end. (HINT: You can use your hook to pull the strings through loops at the opposite end of the bracelet). 

 Tie the ends together into a bow

 And you've got it!! 

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Bunny Hat on Vacation!

The Bunny Hat

If you guys haven't seen pics of my son on my Etsy shop, here he is!! And he's wearing the Bunny Hat. A hilarious hat I made when hopped up on caffeine and too little sleep. Notice the hair. The only thing I didn't add that I wanted to was a bunny tail in the back. 

But in any case, rather than letting this astonishing hat go waste I'll be taking some hilarious pics and posting a few on my Twitter feed and here for your personal enjoyment.

And just to get you laughing....

And can you believe only one person even commented on me wearing this hat all over the grocery store. And in fact, the only person to say anything was the check out person at the Dollar Store that asked if I'd made it myself!! Love that. 

And in case you guys are wondering, I LOVE seeing hilarious pics of people wearing their creations. So send up my way or post to my Facebook page. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bunny Purse!!!

White Hippity Hoppity Bunny Purse

I love the adorable face on this one. And the ears look so realistic. A definite win in my book. I'm wondering about the eyes...what do you think, buttons?

The purse is made entirely of Single Crochet stitch - or at least that's what the creator, Maureen Baldwin, tells me. I'm thinking the cheeks have to be stuffed right? 

Maureen is a self taught crocheter - just like me! - and has quite an assortment of Easter bags for sell in her Esty shop. I'm a fan of the traditional white bunny so this really caught my eye.

But this isn't Maureen's favorite stitch. No she likes texture stitches like bobbles and front or back post double crochet.

Maureen also makes adorable hats - one is shaped like an Acorn!!! making her shop a definite to cruise by.

This wraps up my Easter tribute, but follow my Twitter feed this weekend for hilarious photos of my family in the "bunny hat." I made this when I think I'd had too much coffee (if that's possible!!!) and it just cracks me up every time I look at it. It's currently up on my Etsy shop for sale, but I don't see it selling so I figure, let's have some fun with it right??? Ok, so check back all weekend to see what Mr. Cotton tail is up to and remember to have a fun Earth Day tomorrow!
Crochet By Karin Twitter Feed

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bitty Bunny Booties

Bunny Slippers!!!

The little faces on these shoes are sooo cute. And the ears fold over just perfectly. If my little guy was still that little I'd be slapping blue pair on his feet right now. Unfortunately my guy is big and wants puppies on his feet. 

These cute little shoes are made and sold by Joan of Sunshine Cottage Kids. Joan is a jewelry maker and crocheter with two grandchildren whom I'm sure love stealing all her best pieces. 

Joan confided in me that the above baby booties are made using single crochet stitch. They also come with a hat that you can just see at the top of the photo. The hat is crocheted using half double crochet which from a distance can easily be mistaken with single crochet, but is a bit more open weave than single. 

Joan's favorite stitch is either the extended single or extended half double crochet. Both stitches add height and make the stitches a bit looser for a more comfortable fit.

"For the extended single you would insert your hook into the first stitch, draw a loop through (just like a regular single stitch) you now have 2 loops on your hook, yarn over, draw through 1 loop, then yarn over draw through both loops"

"Extended half double is yarn over, insert hook into stitch, draw through a loop, you now have 3 loops on your hook, yarn over draw through 2 loops, then yarn over draw through all 3 remaining loops."

Thanks Joan!!

To see more of Joan's work go to her Etsy Page:

Or find her on Facebook:
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