Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The True Popcorn Stitch

Popcorn Stitch
Imagine my embarrassment when I was informed that what I thought of as the popcorn stitch was really a cluster!!! I have since amended my previous posting to identify the stitch as a Cluster and will now show you the *correct way to crochet a popcorn stitch. BUT I am not changing the name of my skirt... it still 'looks' like popcorn!

Anyway, lets talk about the real slim....I mean popcorn stitch. As seen in the photo above, the popcorn stitch projects out of your piece much more than the cluster, this is because the stitches themselves are thrust out. Let me demonstrate. 

First, crochet a bunch of stitches for your base chain. In the above example I crocheted 13 stitches, plus 2 for the turning chain. Next, add a single crochet stitch to each stitch across starting with the second loop from the hook. Chain 2 and turn. 

In the next row, add a half double crochet stitch to the first three stitches. Than add 5- double crochet stitches to the fourth stitch (pictured above) The 5-dc will become your first popcorn.

Remove your hook from your current chain and insert it in the first double crochet you added. Make sure the hook is pointed towards you. (pointed away will put the popcorn on your side of the piece)

Grab your previous loop with your hook and pull it through the double crochet stitch.

Pull tight to close the loop and crochet your first double.

And that makes a Popcorn stitch. For the example, I then crocheted 5 half double crochet stitches, followed up with another popcorn, than crocheted 3 more hdcs to the end. Chain 1 and turn.

Here's what your first 'popcorn' row looks like. 
You can just see the popcorn stitches on the other side. Chain 1, and turn

I like to add a row of single crochet stitches between each popcorn row. I think it helps to better space them, but you should try different approaches and designs to find out what you like. 

For the next row I am going to add a popcorn before and after the popcorn from the previous row.

Remember when doing this to insert your hook,

Grab the previous loop,

And pull tight.

For this row I crocheted 2 hdcs, popcorn stitch, 1 hdc, popcorn stitch, 3 hdcs, popcorn, 1 hdc, popcorn, 2 hdc - chain 2 and turn.

For the next row, just to mix it up, I crocheted hdc stitches until I reached the mid point and added 5 double crochet stitches to the middle stitch. Next I added a front side popcorn.

To do this:

Insert your hook so you're pointing away from you and hook your loop. 
Pull tight to make a front side popcorn. HDC to the end.

My finished example looks kind of crazy, but I wanted to add lots of popcorn stitches to show you how they'd look. From the top view you can see the curled top where all the double crochet stitches are pulled together and it almost looks like flowers sewn to your piece.

I'd love to see how creative you guys can get with this one. Find me on Facebook and Twitter and say hi.

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