Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Single Crochet Joining Stitch

Single Crochet Joining Stitch

The single crochet (sc) joining stitch is an easy way to crochet different pieces of a blanket together as well as adding seems to projects like pillow and tissue box covers.

The single crochet join will add a ridge along the seam of the two pieces, so I recommend crocheting all of your pieces together on the same side - so all the seems are on the same side. Once completed you can use the single crochet border as is or you can build from there to add a matching border.

To start your single crochet joining row you need to line up your two pieces (see above), with the same side facing each other

Once you have your two pieces lined up, slip stitch in the corner space. [NOTE: To start a slip stitch:  insert hook, pull through a loop. Yarn over, pull loop through loop on hook. You have now secured your yarn to your piece and are ready to start.]

Insert your hook in the same stitches (one from each piece) as the slip stitch and add a single crochet:

Repeat across:

Great job! Now the question is whether to turn the corner and keep crocheting or jump the intersection to your next pieces. I like turning the corner, but that's me. Here's how I turn the corner:

Add a SC to the corner

Then add your first SC joining stitch to both corners, and all the way across.

If you want to hear more about turning the corner, I talk about it more in my Double Crochet Connection post - HERE

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