Monday, March 28, 2011

Single Crochet Fence Stitch

Single Crochet Fence Stitch
(Multiple of 4 +3)

This type of crocheting has limitless possibilities and looks great as a sweater or scarf. Sit down and draw out a pattern of single crochet stitches and spaces and then implement. In this example my pattern is 2 single crochet stitches followed by two spaces. 

To create this pattern crochet a multiple of 4 plus 3 additional stitches. Next, add a single crochet stitch to the second and third loop from the hook. Chain 2 and skip the next two stitches, add a single crochet to the next two stitches. Repeat across.

See the bumps at the top - these are my chain 2 spaces. Chain 3 and turn.

In the next row you will add a single crochet to each of the two chain spaces and chain 2 to skip the single crochet stitches from the previous row.

See in the above picture how the chain 3 makes the first chain 2 space. Your single crochet stitches are then worked in the chain loops.

When you end a row which has a chain space at the end, add a single crochet to the chain 1 space at the end. (you will not single crochet in this stitch in the next row) Chain 1 and turn

In the third row, add a single crochet to each of the two chain spaces from the previous row. Repeat pattern across.
This would look great on top of a colored fabric for a bag. Or you could alter the design to make larger spaces, crochet Morse code or to 'draw' a picture. This can also be done with double crochet or triple, but keep in mind that the holes will get bigger and bigger with the larger stitches. So consider what you want to be able to hold in the bag or how loose you want your sweater to be.

Thanks guys! I'd love to see your original fence patterns - post to my Facebook page or Tweet me!

Happy Hooking!

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