Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Simple Rib Stitch

Simple Rib Stitch
(Multiple of 1 + 1 turning chain) 

The Rib Stitch is a fun stitch and can be used to add a bit of flourish to your pattern. In this post I'm going to show you the simple crochet rib stitch. I'm using a single crochet, but this pattern will work with any stitch you use (SC, HDC, DC, TC) Once you know how to crochet the stitch, you can modify it to make patterns for scarves and sweaters. For example, you can make lines, dashes or dots.  

Your base chain for this stitch is any multiple of 1 plus one stitch for the turning chain.

1. In Gray: Chain 5, pull up a purple loop and add 6 more Chain stitches

2. Add 1SC in 2nd Ch from hook. Add 5 more SC in purple, and 6 SC in gray
[Switching to gray: Do not complete the final purple SC, stop with 2 loops on the hook, pull up gray and pull through the final two loops. You are now using the gray, drop the purple behind your piece so that you can pick it back up when you switch back to purple]

3. Ch 1, Turn

4. There are two loops at the top of each crochet stitch, the 'front' loop and the 'back' loop. For this pattern you'll be using the 'back' loop, or the one further from you. 

SC in the back loop of each stitch across.

When switching to purple, stop before completing the last SC, drop the gray and pick up the purple, use the purple to complete the row. [Tip, to ensure that the yarn you're carrying up per row doesn't break up your rib, always pull it back/front away from the side that has your ribs. In the below picture you'd be putting the tail to the back. Away from the side with the rib.]

[Your first row of the rib stitch is completed, I've circled it above so you can see it more clearly.]

5. Ch 1, turn
6. SC across in the front loops [This will create a rib on the opposite side, with the other rib]

7. Ch1, turn
8. SC across in the back loops

Repeat rows 5-8

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