Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Parade Day Preparation

St Patrick's Day Shamrock Hat

What's a parade with out the perfect St. Patty's day outfit? Well this crafter has come up with a way to look the part and keep your head and face warm at the same time! No beard? No problem!

Looking at the hat I would guess a single crochet stitch for the body, and maybe a double or half double for the shamrock, but what in the world did she use for that beard??

The crafter, Tara Duff, the owner operator of the successful shop "Taraduff...Your Source of Crochet Goodness," confirmed that the body of the hat is made from single crochet stitch worked as tightly as possible. The entire hat is made from 100% cotton which is a stiffer fiber and helps the hat keep its shape. The construction of the hat I'm afraid remains a trade secret.

(Or maybe you can pry it out of her and let me know...see her contact information below!)

Tara's grandmother taught her to crochet when she was just a kid and she recently added knitting to her repertoire. Tara's favorite stitch is the single crochet stitch because it "can be used to make designed that are simple, yet look fantastic!"

We couldn't agree more Tara, this hat/beard is a clear winner.

If you'd like to see more of Tara's crocheted items including more hat/beard combos, see her shop at:

Or check out her blog at:

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