Thursday, March 17, 2011

Leprechaun Envy

Pudgy Leprechaun

This represents one of the best examples of Amigurumi Style crochet. It's rather new to me, but has probably been popular for a while. What it involves is crocheting in circles without a seam. So the rows form one long spiraling row from top to bottom. 

The designer, Barbara, confirms that this little guy is made entirely of single crochet. The shamrock, beard, and bands on hat and belly are the only exception. The shamrock looks like triple crochet, the band and belt, maybe half double crochet - am I close Barbara????

What's Barbara's favorite stitch? The single crochet of course- it's small, simple and "is perfect for amigurumi style crochet"

More of Barabara's stunning designs can be found at her etsy shop:

Thanks Barabara and the rest of our crafters for letting us take a look at your design creations this week.

Happy St. Patty's Everyone!!!

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