Sunday, March 27, 2011

Interweaved Fence Stitch

Interweaved Fence Stitch
(multiple of 2 +4)

Since we covered how to crochet the fence stitch yesterday I thought we'd spice it up by showing an example of how you could use the fence stitch in an unusual way. This would look great as a black belt with white dress or as a bag. But I'd love to see what you guys do with it.

So to work this technique you need to crochet your starting rectangle (or square depending on how many stitches you add). See my previous post for instructions on the starter rectangle. Once you've got that down you'll want to crochet your base chain for the next square. The base chain formula for this pattern is multiple of 2, plus 4 - this is for a triple crochet stitch. If you're crocheting a double remove one stitch. (mult of 2, plus 3).

Here's what you'll be attaching your next rectangle to. I'm alternating colors, but this would also look nice in one color against a contrasting outfit or fabric.
For the rectangles I'm making I crocheted a base chain of 10 +4 = 14 stitches, then added a triple crochet to the fourth loop from the hook. Chain 1.

Next, take that base chain with your first triple crochet and weave the chain in and out of the posts of the previous rectangle. To accomplish the weaving you'll be adding a triple crochet in the back side of the piece, chain 1, adding a triple to the front .... etc all the way across.

Ok, so here I've added the back Triple crochet. For each you will be skipping one stitch on the chain and crocheting in the next one so look carefully from the back to make sure you're adding your stitch to the second stitch from the last. Then chain 1 and jump to the other side. 

In the above two photos I am adding the front triple crochet. Notice how all work is done on either the front or the back of the piece. 

When you get to the end add a triple crochet to the last chain space, chain 3 and turn. 

For the next row no weaving is necessary. Add a triple crochet to the first stitch, chain 1 and skip the next stitch, add a triple to the next stitch (every second stitch across). Sew in the ends and prep for the next square. 

I think this has a lot of possibilities for fun outfits, bags, and scarves. I might try this in maybe a dark blue/light blue combo for a bag. If so I will post pics to my Facebook page or check my Twitter page for comments.
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