Thursday, March 24, 2011


The Joy of Hats!

I love hats, all kinds of hats. I think they're a fun thing to crochet - especially when you have an adoring audience like a 2 year old son! And they can really encourage your creativity. The top hat is made using a modified popcorn stitch and the ears are single crochet.

There is a basic pattern that anyone can use to make a hat shell and from there you can embellish and decorate to your hearts content. First you're going to need to crochet a circle....

Crochet a chain of two stitches:

Next, add six single crochet stitches to the second chain from the hook (also the first chain that you made)

Slip stitch to the first single crochet you made to complete your first row. Chain 1.

In the next row add 2 single crochet stitches to each stitch and slip stitch to finish the row. You should have 12 sc stitches in your circle. Chain 1

In your third row you will single crochet in the first stitch, and add two single crochet stitches to the next. Continue to SC in one, add two SC to next, all the way around and slip stitch to finish the row. You should have 18 sc stitches in your circle. Chain 1.

Do you detect a pattern?? For each row of SC you will add 6 sc stitches to make a flat circle. Instead of evenly spacing them you can add half to one side and half to the other to make an oval.

Keep increasing until you reach your desired diameter. How do you know how big to make it?? 

1. Measure the circumference of your head.
2. Divide your circumference by 3.14 (or pie)
The resulting number will be the diameter of your head. Keep measureing the width of your circle until it is a little smaller than your diameter. Once you've reached the desired size, stop increasing. For each subsequant row your will add a single crochet for each stitch around, slip stitch to finish the row and chain 1 for the next row. 

Keep going until you reach the desired depth. How do you figure the correct depth? You can try it on a lot, get a model to try it on. Or your can measure how deep your head is and use this as a reference for your hat. If you are making a hat for someone, see if you can measure them - this will make for a better fit.

There are limitless options. I like the addition of ears like in the above photo of my kiddo. Or you can add a few horns:

Or how about a little critter's face:

                          Monster Hat

Once you get the hang of it you can try changing colors while crocheting the hat shell:

And if you don't like it you can work on it a little more....The above dragon hat started out looking more like a snake hat:

Which I didn't like so I added extra spikes and a second ear flap to make it more 'dragony'

Finally, you can add a little flare by adding a bow, a ribbon, a flower:

So the formula for single crochet is to add 6 stitches per row. I've also had success using this formula for
-granny stitch (the dragon hat above is crocheted with granny stitch - or 3 DC per stitch)
-popcorn stitch (the bear hat is a modified popcorn stitch)
-and inter-weaved single crochet stitch (the red nordic hat is crocheted using a inter-weaved sc stitch)

If you have a hat you'd like to show off - post a copy to the CrochetByKarin Facebook page and let me know which stitch you used. I'll post my favorites to the blog with a link to your page. 
And for those dedicated followers: find me on Twitter
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