Friday, March 25, 2011

Fence Stitch

Fence Stitch (also called Open or Box Stitch)
(Multiple of 2 +1)

The Fence Stitch is an open weave stitch which is great for beach sacks, toy sacks, warm weather sweaters and cover-ups. This would also make a pretty baby blanket if made in different colors of a muliti color yarn.  

For your base chain crochet a multiple of 2, plus 1 stitch. In the above example I crocheted a chain of 9 stitches.

Add a double crochet stitch in the third loop from the hook and chain one. 

Skip the next stitch and a double crochet stitch to the stitch after that. Repeat across.

When you get to the end, chain 2 and turn. DC in the first stitch, skip the next, DC in the next - repeat across


You can also crochet a similar stitch with Triple Crochet stitches, 
Just use the base formula of Multiple of 2 +2

I'm currently working on a blanket using Popcorn stitch, check out my Facebook page for pictures of my progress.

Check my Twitter posts for interesting commentary - pics of crochet patterns and pieces I like and info on my current items.
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