Friday, March 25, 2011



I'm going to be posting two blog pages tonight. Why? because something happened to me tonight, something that will happen to all of you and will be frustrating and discouraging and only by sharing with each other can we laugh about it.

I had this big plan tonight to do a posting on cluster stitch. I had mocked up the pattern myself and thought it would work great. But...

First I started crocheting the pattern in gray and discovered about 10 minutes into it that you can really see anything with the gray yarn, it just looks like a big gray blob. So, I chose to start over with my trusted blue/red combo.

But then I discovered when looking at the pattern in contrasting colors that I didn't much like the overall appearance. It looks like a 'hot mess.' Sooooo, I scrapped this one entirely and moved forward with my other cluster pattern. 

What's wrong with this one? You might ask, well I ended with too many stitches on the last row and could not for the life of me figure out how I did it or how to fix it. sooooo, I decided to go simple tonight and tackle the cluster another time when I wasn't ready to impale something with my crochet hook.

As with the above patterns, the same could be said for my sad purple bear which I think is cute, my husband - who is very supportive, and a liar - thinks is cute and who my niece is dying to have. But I will admit, there's just something not right about that bear :)

So in summary, do not fret when you just can't get something to work. Don't blame the yarn or your nice hooks or even the book you might be reading from. It might just be that the world has tilted on its axis and there's just not a darn thing you can do about - so go watch Simpson's until you feel better :)

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