Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Double Triple(US), Treble Treble(UK) or Quadruple Stitch(Me)

The Double Triple (Quadruple) Stitch
(Multiple of 1 plus 4 turning)

It was pointed out me that I had overlooked a very important crochet stitch. I will admit that I have not used this stitch almost at all, but I concede it's value. Great for baby blankets, bags, scarves and cozies (e.g. bottle cozies) the double triple (dtr) or QUADRUPLE (qc) stitch (or Treble Treble in the UK) is by far the largest stitch.

Unless we're talking extended stitches which we're not so forget I said that.

The formula for the base chain of the quadruple crochet stitch (qc) (or double triples - dtr) is any multiple of 1 plus 4 chains for the turning chain.

To make your first  quadruple crochet stitch (qc)  (or double triples - dtr) you need to yarn over 3 loops on your crochet hook. I warn you that you'll have trouble keeping those loops on your hook. to keep the yarn in place try keeping your grip tight and angle the string away from the hook

Your first QC will be made in the fifth chain from the hook, see below where I've marked the correct stitch with my spare hook:

Ok, so we're going to play the counting game and when you're doing this at home I recommend that you count to make sure you don't add a double crochet by accident. 

Ok, you've pulled up your first loop, this counts as Zero.

YO, pull through 2 loops on hook.

YO, pull through 2 loops on hook.

YO, pull through 2 loops on hook.

YO, pull through 2 loops on hook.

No, you didn't miscount - the Quadruple Crochet meets all expectations - it is the combination of 4 single crochet stitches. This also explains why the turning chain is made up of 4 chains. 

Continue adding Quadruple Crochet (or double triples - dtr) to each base chain stitch across until you reach the end. 

Row 1: Complete (see above)
Row 2: Chain 4 and turn. Repeat!

I made two examples as a special treat! Ok, I made the light green one, hated the color and made a second one. The dark green looks loads better yes?

As always, if you try this one out, please post pictures to my facebook site:
If I like what I see I'll add it to the blog in a photo archive - with your name on it!!

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