Saturday, March 19, 2011

Double Crochet V Stitch

Double Crochet V-Stitch
(Multiple of 3 plus 3)

The V stitch is another one of those crochet combinations where your adding more than one stitch to a space and skipping others to make up for it. 

Why do you need to skip spaces? Because the final number of stitches for your next row needs to equal the number of stitches from the previous row. Otherwise, you're piece will continually get bigger and bigger. 

(Of course, if that's what your going for, than don't skip stitches!)

To make our V Stitch example you'll need to crochet a base chain of twelve (12) loops, plus an additional 3.

Here is where you add your first V stitch

Add a double crochet to the third loop from the hook (not included the loop on the hook.) This will act as your end stitch or side stitch for this side of your piece.

  Next, skip the next stitch, add a double crochet stitch to the next stitch -- 
this completes the first leg of your V stitch.

Chain one and add a second double crochet stitch to the same stitch
-- this completes the second leg of your V stitch. 

Repeat this pattern across, this should leave you with two base chain stitches - skip the first and add a double crochet to the last stitch, this will act as your end stitch on this side of your stitch.

Chain 2 for the turning chain, turn and repeat as before except now add your V stitch to the chain 1 space of the previous rows V Stitch. (skip all other stitches)

First add your end stitch by adding a double crochet stitch to the first double crochet stitch from the last row.

Next add a double crochet to the first chain 1 space (this is the V-stitch space from the previous row). Chain 1 and add a second double crochet stitch.

Repeat across ending with a double crochet in the last stitch.

<-- notice how each V stitch sits on top of the V stitch from the previous row.

Switching colors every few rows can add additional interest and fun to your piece, but remember that weaving in the ends can be time consuming. 

This stitch is stretch and airy and light. Great for bags for beach items, a yogo matt, groceries or for light weight sweaters. Also, this would also look very cool as a hat!

I hope you guys enjoyed this pattern and feel free to post pics of your finished pieces to my Facebook site:    (or click on link at the top right of the page)
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