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Crocheting an Easter Egg

Crochet Easter Egg

I love this pattern. It took a bit of trial and error, but I found the perfect combination to create an egg shaped oval. Adding the decorative elements is just icing on the cake. In my last posting I referred to Amigurumi Style, well guess what - we're using it. So grab your yarn - any color will do and let's do this.

One thing to note, for crocheted items you're going to stuff, the stitching needs to be tight. What I typically do is check the packaging on the yarn - it will recommend a hook size to use with the yarn. If you're going to stuff, pick a hook that is smaller than the recommended size. In this case I'm using a larger hook so you guys can SEE what I'm doing, but trust me, a smaller hook will looks loads better. (the pictured egg was made using a smaller hook)

If you've read my post of chain stitch circles than make one and skip the next few slides! :)
For everyone else, keep reading or check my previous post on chain stitch circles.

Pull a loop

Add a loop.

<-- Insert hook in first chain and add a single crochet stitch.

Add 5 more single crochet (sc) stitches to the same space to make a circle.

Ok, so this counts as your first row. From this point on there will be NO ROWS, remember we're doing this Amigurumi Style, which means it's one long spiraling row of single crochet stitches from beginning to end.

I've marked your first stitch with my extra crochet hook.

First stitch: this will be the tightest stitch because it was the first you made, but you can do it, just get your hook in there and add a single crochet stitch. 
In the next stitch add two single crochet stitches -->

Ok, add "one single crochet in the first stitch and two single crochet stitches to the next " twice more. It should look like the picture except All The Way Around.

Like this!

Ok, next - single crochet in the next two stitches, then add two single crochets to the next stitch "sc, sc, 2sc together" - you'll do this a total of 3 times!

Now three single crochet stitches, then add two single crochets to the next stitch "sc, sc, sc, 2sc together" - you'll do this 3 times!

Now four single crochet stitches, then add two single crochets to the next stitch "sc, sc, sc, sc, 2sc together" - you'll do this One time!! <-- HA! I caught you didn't I? Yes, only do this one time

Now five single crochet stitches, then add two single crochets to the next stitch "sc, sc, sc, sc, sc, 2sc together" - you'll do this one time.

Now six single crochet stitches, then add two single crochets to the next stitch "sc, sc, sc, sc, sc, sc, 2sc together" - you'll do this twice!    ------- OK, stop, the madness is over - phew!

Ok, so this is what your egg will look like so far. I've added a stitch marker in the picture. You can get these at any craft store. I happened to have picked mine up at Michael's, but that's who's closest to me. You can also use a piece of string or I've used a paperclip and it works fine.

Why are we adding a stitch marker? Because we need to add 4 rows for the body of our egg and it's the counter makes it easy for us to know when to stop.........


Notice the four rows -- time to decorate!

Now is the perfect time to sew in the end string you've gotten hidden inside your egg and to add a bit flourish to your egg.

Ok, so flip your egg inside out. See the end string-->

I like to use the end string to tighten my begining circle and any intial stitches that were a little loose. Than sew in a bit more and cut the rest off. 

Remember to flip your egg back before adding decor. I once completed decorating an egg than realized I did all that prettiness on the inside! (I admit that several curse words escaped before I could shame them into silence - drinking helps too!)

 So grab six inches or so of another color. I like to use something contrasting - but whatever looks pretty. Thread up your needle and from the inside insert - you'll want to leave about 1.5 inches (4-5cm for you metric people) of a tail hanging.

 The possibilities are limitless, but here's a few options. I like using the crochet stitches for mini cross stitches, but you can also make eyes, squares, triangles. You can double up on stitches to make them wider, thicker. You can use more than one color. Go crazy!! (and post some pics to the CrochetByKarin facebook page!)


When you're all done, weave in your end so it's next to your original tail and tie a square knot. Cut off the extra yarn and you're done!

 Right, time to finish this puppy!

I don't believe we've covered decreases yet so I'll give you the short lesson on a single crochet decrease.

<-- Do it like this! (haha, funny right?)

Ok, so here's a little more info. A decrease is two stitches that are crocheted in a manner that leaves you with only one top stitch, thus making the next row one stitch less that the previous. To do this with single crochet you would pull up a loop in one stitch and a loop in the next stitch, then pull through both stitches to complete the decrease.

Here's a close-up of what the completed decrease looks like.

Ok, so add your stitch counter back to the outside of your piece. I hate counting so the stitch counter is going to reduce the amount of counting we have to do. For your first row your going to work a decrease, than single crochet in the next four stitches. Repeat (decrease, sc, sc, sc, sc) around until you're above the stitch counter again.

Here's what your first decrease row will look like. The slighted decrease is noticeable, but trust me, you want your first decrease to be gradual.

Ok, next work a decrease, then single crochet in the next three stitches. Repeat (decrease, sc, sc, sc) around until you're above the stitch counter.

At some point around now - you're going to want to stuff your egg:
Don't stuff so much that fluff comes bulging out of every nook and
cranny, give it the squeeze test and use your best judgement.

Next work a decrease, then single crochet in the next two stitches. Repeat (decrease, sc, sc) around until you're above the stitch counter.

Finally, work in three more decreases ---- you're done!

 Ok, ok, with crocheting I mean, sheesh.

Cut yourself about 6inches (15.2cm) of tail and grab your needle. Here's the Karin technique to finishing off, but hey - I'm open to new ideas - let me know if you've see a different method!

Insert your hook in the last stitch you finished a decrease in.

Then under each stitch around - but only in the outside loops.

Then pull tight and sew in the end - cut off any excess and you're done!!


For a good example of using this pattern check out my Easter Chicks - the pattern is similar to making eggs, just a bit bigger.

I hope you guys enjoy the pattern and post some pics of your finished eggs to the Facebook site. I'll pick a bunch of them to feature the week of easter!

or send me a pic on Twitter! -->!/cbkarin

And as always, just have fun!!
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