Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Crocheting Arches

(Multiple of 2 +2)

You'll see arches used a lot in lace work and doilies and they very popular in circular items because they can be used to help expand your circle without it being obvious. Today cover the basic mechanics of arches. I'm going to be making chain -3 arches, but there are also chain 4, chain 5, etc etc arches. It all has to do with what size yarn you're using and what you're trying to achieve.

So crochet a base chain of multiple of 2 plus 2 stitches. For the above example I crocheted 12 stitches. Single crochet in the second loop from the hook.

This will be the start of your first arch. Chain 3 (body of the arch) and add a single crochet in the second chain from your current location (so skip a space and crochet in the next).

First Arch!!!! Repeat "Chain 3, sc in second chain" across. This will leave you with five arches.

The entire piece will look a bit bowed, that's why it's important to wet and 'block' your pieces when you're done.

Blocking = A technique of wetting and stretching a piece to ensure that it dries in the correct shape. To block your piece, wash or wet it and lay it flat - I like to lay it on a piece of cardboard - and use pins to stretch the item to the desired shape. In this case I want a square so I'll add a pin to each corner and a few around the edge to make sure it dries in a square shape.

For your next row, chain 2 and single crochet in the chain 3 arch from the previous row.

Next, chain 3 and single crochet in the next chain 3 space. 

Repeat across until you've SC in the last chain 3 space. To finish the row, chain 2 and single crochet in the SC from the last row.

For the next row, chain 2 and sc in the first chain 3 space, chain 3 and sc in next chain 3 space. Repeat across until you reach the last chain 3 space. Chain 2 and sc in the chain 2 space from the previous row.

Continue for each row until you reach the desired length.

You can now
(1) leave it as is.
(2) join a piece of yarn to the beginning base chain and repeat the same pattern going in the opposite direction.
(3) or add a 2 single crochet stitches in the chain 2 space, a sc to each chain 3 space and sc stitch from the previous row and 2 single crochet stitches in the last chain 2 space.

Here's what option 3 looks like. (Remember you'll be 'blocking' so it'll look way better later.)

Next you can leave it or add a decorative border.

Tomorrow we'll be using Picot stitch to add a decorative border to the above item. Tune in!!!
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