Sunday, March 27, 2011

5-DC Cluster / Shell Circles

Shell Circles
(Multiple of 5 + 4)

This is a pattern I've been playing with and I finally feel like I've conquered it. You could make long strings of circles and switch between two or 3 or more colors. I also see that as a cool head wrap or scarf.

The formula for the base chain is a multiple of 5 chains, plus 4 and is made using double crochet stitch. For the above example, chain 19 and add a double crochet to the third loop from the hook.

Next chain 2 and add a 5-DC Cluster starting in the third chain space from the one you just crocheted in.

To crochet the 5-DC Cluster you will  crochet five partial double crochets - crochet a double crochet, but don't finish it - and then pull a loop through all six loops on your hook. (see above picture)

Great! You have now crocheted your first 5-DC Cluster. Chain 4 and add another cluster starting in the next chain space. Chain 4 and add another Cluster. Than chain 2 and add a DC to the end.

You should end up with a double crochet stitch at the beginning and end of your chain and three 5-DC Clusters. Next, chain 2 and turn.

Add a Double Crochet to the first stitch. Than add a 5-DC Shell to the top of the first Cluster.

This will give you a pretty circle appearance. Add another 5-DC Shell to the next Cluster, repeat across and add a DC to the end.

If you want you can now switch colors. For the next rows you will repeat the steps of the first and second row except work your Cluster using the tops of the Shells from the previous row.

This is a great example of stitches being pretty all on their own. Even if you only ever crochet blankets and scarves, these great patterns will make your pieces look interesting, colorful and unique.

I have a few good ideas for what I'll use this for and will post pics to my Facebook page as I move ahead. Follow along on Facebook and Twitter and give me your feedback. We only get better with good advise!
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