Saturday, February 26, 2011

Working on the Road

For those of you that have not been checking my Facebook page, I spent the last week in Chicago and while it was COLD ... I can also confirm that it was beautiful. Chicago is filled with historic buildings, fabulous restaurants and sits right next to Lake Michigan.

I was in Chicago for a business trip for my full time job, but would I let that prevent me from crocheting? Heck no!! Here are just a few examples of items I got finished while in Chicago:

As you can see, I'm a big fan of flowers. And since Spring is just around the corner I thought I'd prepare by bringing Spring to my living room 2 month early!

A few little tidbits I wanted to share with you about traveling with your hooks:

Only pick one or two hooks to bring on the plane with you. At most airports you will get through security with your hooks as long as they are small and you only have a few. Also, putting them in the bag with your yarn helps security ID what they are.

For scissors, the TSA will allow nail clippers but to be safe I only bring ones that do not have a nail file on them. Additionally, if you have a pair of tiny scissors with rounded tips (mine came from one of those travel sewing kits) you can bring these as well.

Whatever you do, bring a self addressed and stamped envelope with you in case they say no. If they won't let you with security with your hooks, they will mail them back to you. And pack extras in your suitcase just in case.

If you've got a good 'crochet on the road' story or picture, publish in the comments section or post on my Facebook site:!/pages/CrochetByKarin/134647016599101
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