Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Go Long with the Triple Crochet

Triple Crochet 
(Multiple of 1 +3)

The Triple Crochet (TC) is constructed of three single crochets. What I mean by this is that you use the same series of loops that you would to make a single crochet, but you do it three times to make a triple crochet.  

The triple crochet (tc) is used in lace patterns,edgings and clothing. In clothing I've made pretty shrugs and cover-ups for swim suits. 

To make a triple crochet first chain your base row. The formula for the triple crochet base row is any multiple of 1 plus 3 loops for the turning chain. 

Once you've made your base row you're ready to crochet your first triple crochet (tc). Remember for the double crochet that we 'yarned over' once before we inserted our hook in the stitch. This time you need to yarn over twice (see above). I think the hardest thing about this is keeping the two loops on your hook until you've inserted it in your first stitch. Try rotating the hook and your base chain until you find the best angles and positions to ensure your yarn stays on the hook and feels good while you're crocheting.

Ok, so yarn over twice - this will put two loops on your hook. Then insert your hook in the forth chain from your hook and pull up a loop. (Remember that the forth chain from the hook does not include the loop on your hook.)

In the above photo you can see your initial chain stitch (far right), the two loops you put on the hook (middle stitches) and the new loop you just pulled up (left). Next your going loop it all together. I don't want to say knot because we aren't making knots, we're making an interlocking system. A knot is stiff and hard to undo. An interlocking system moves and adjusts and will completely unravel if one piece of the system comes loose.

To make your first 'lock' you will yarn over and pull a loop of yarn through two of the loops on your hook. This will leave you wit the loop you just pulled (far left), one of the loops you originally added (middle) and your initial chain loop(right). You have just completed your first single crochet combination:
To complete your second singe crochet combination, loop over and pull the yarn through two of the loops on your hook. This will leave you with the loop you just pulled and your initial chain loop.

To complete the last stage of your triple crochet (tc) you will loop over and pull the yarn through the last two loops on your hook.

Repeat the above steps to make a row of triple crochets across. You'll note that the basic pattern for each stage of the triple crochet was to pull the yarn through two loops of yarn on your hook. For single crochet you do this once per stitch, for double you do it twice and for triple you repeat the pattern three times per stitch.

If you happen to try this pattern - post a picture of your work on my Facebook site:
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