Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Dragon Hat

It's been a week or so and many of you might be wondering...Where are you !!?

Well, I've been traveling for work, but ALSO, I've been working on a new pattern for my shop. I really wanted to crochet a few hats that kids could use for make believe (or dress up for us girls).

My son is 2.5 now and has starting pretending to be a puppy. He hops and skitters all over the house woofing and chasing the real dogs (which find this frightening).

Now you might be thinking why is this post titled 'dragon hat' when I'm talking about puppies. Well, I happen to like dragons a lot and it seemed like a cooler first hat to tackle.

Here is my first attempt:
I thought it was pretty cool, but it seemed to be missing something. And it looked rather snake-like rather than Dragonee (It's a word, trust me)

Soooo, I decided to add some ridges tot he back and amp up the ears a little:

I think the additions make it look more like a dragon, but I'm eager to hear your opinion. Also, I left the eyes off thinking it would be more fun for make believe - thoughts?

My next attempt will be a blue dragon with horns!!
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