Thursday, February 24, 2011

Double Crochet Interlocking Stitch

Double Crochet Interlocking Stitch
(Multiple of 1 +2 turning)

The Interlocking stitch can be made using Double of Triple crochet (dc or tc). It has a great deal of movement and flexibility and is a popular stitch for loose bags, sweaters and scarves. The above option of alternating the colors looks very pretty, but adds a lot of work when you're ready to finish your piece so, decide early how much work you're willing to put in.

If you do decide to use multiple colors, I would suggest using the same brand, type and line of yarn to to prevent puckering and make it look more cohesive. The above example is not made with the same yarn and you can see how the middle row is smaller. Also, I had to crochet the middle row a lot looser so that the two rows were the same length.

To complete this stitch you'll want to crochet your base chain. This pattern's formula is multiple of 1 so you can have a base chain of any length plus two chains for the turning chain. Next crochet a row of Double Crochet - for info on how to do this, see the Double Crochet stitch page.

Once you've completed your first row of Double Crochet you'll chain 2 and turn.

[You are right, I changed colors so that you can see the stitches better. If you also want to change colors, go back to the previous picture, see that loop at the end? Undo it and instead, pull up a loop for your new color and then proceed following the instructions.]

For your second row you'll also add Double Crochet stitches, but for this stitch you won't insert your hook in each stitch but between the stitches. See above, you can see how the loop is pulled up between the stitches.

Continue across adding a Double Crochet stitch to each space. When you get to the end, add a double crochet in the space made by your turning chain from the previous row.

Notice how your last Double Crochet is made in the turning chain space. You'll do this for each row to ensure that the same number of Double Crochet stitches are added in each row.

[Ok so notice that green string hanging out on the right side. If you interchange colors you'll end up with extra strings for each row and they'll each need to be sewn in to finish the piece. Make sure you have the patience to do this. Otherwise I would recommenced that you use a single color.]

[Enjoy the pattern and let me know what you think on my  Facebook page!]
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