Thursday, October 19, 2017

Swimming Adrift

[I don't like swimming. I know how, but you get wet and your 
hair is all gross and there are animals in the water with there a plus side?]

Air is lighter than water, so it floats. 
Floats to the surface like a balloon
Escaping into the atmosphere.
You can hold your breath, 
but the air drags you up.
You can breath out,
But you're already ascending.
Is there a way to not float?
I don't think I want that.

Bubbles so blue
A sensation not new
A rising anticipated
With the lightening hue.
I reach up my first
To break free from this drift
And my hand makes contact in a snapping kiss

[Another one breaks the surface.]

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Pretty Pink Elephant

[Pretty in pink, just as mean.]

I am pink and I am very pretty.
I make all the elephants sweaty.
But don't tell me! Don't mention a word.
I'll give you a look,
call you absurd.
No one mentions the pretty, it's no allowed.
I am also very smart.
And of that, I'm proud.
Mention that.
And my excellent spelling.
Because if you mention me being pretty
I'm telling.

[I like the way I question everyone's intentions. It's a skill.]

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Where Did the Crochet Turtle Go?

[When I go out with friends, I try to be inconspicuous.]

I am not saying a thing about that. Not a thing, not a thought, nothing, not that.
I'm not a rat.
I'm not saying one thing, not one little thing. Not a nibble or morsel, for goodies or bling.
I keep my secrets and a few of yours too.
It's a bit of pride for me that I don't tell on you.
I won't spread a rumor, won't tell a truth, I hold steady against every motivated sleuth.
I've got my own worries, my secrets trapped tight. I'm gonna put yours with mine, in the blackness of night.
And shut it down, lock it up, seal it real tight. 
So no one breaks in, because that wouldn't be right.

[ps. don't break the law. I don't keep those secrets. 
You want to buy tons of yarn and hide it in your car? I'm there, secret saved.]

Monday, October 16, 2017

Not Here for Carrots

[I may have brought my lovelies out for hike and not brought a snack. Bye bye cute plants.]

I nibble as I go in this crazy little world. I take a bite out of flowers, just as they unswirl. I laugh at silly jokes and am happy to be a girl. I am smart as can be, and my teeth are as white as a pearl. And when things get darkest, when I'm at the edge of despair, I think, at least I have me and the rest? I don't care.

I will be brilliant one day, I just need to wait. There's a line you see, and you can't be late. Lateness get's you sent back to the end of the line, and then you'll be waiting loads of time. I'm off again, to head the right way. And eventually I'll get there, to that store one day. My brilliance will be brilliant, my knowledge divine. Until then I'll study, I've got plenty of time.

[Hope everyone had a lovely Weekend!!]

Thursday, October 12, 2017

A Hop Together In Cold Weather

[Raining. Warm though.]

When I think about those days. When the rain came down in sheets. I remember those times. When fire warmed our chilly feet. It seems silly to think about. Silly to imagine now. But I miss that fire tonight. I am hungry for some chow. Can you cook an egg or two? Can you heat up some warm tea? Are you not hungry to? Or is it maybe just me?

[Bring on the grub]
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