Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Atop A Mighty Hill

[Sometimes, you just want to be slightly higher up.]

I'm the friend of Bill,
He lives on a hill.
We went to high school together,
He was kind of a buzz kill.
He kept saying "I am Mighty"
And embellishing slightly
All the great things he invented
Like the famous 'flashlighty."
But all-in-all, I count him the best
At being my friend, and that's a hard test.
There's a writing sample, 
And a speaking bit,
Most people don't pass, they really weren't fit.
But Bill I can tell you
Came out in force,
To show himself the best...of course.
He shows up at parties
And brings cheese and wine.
And he listens to me whine. 
All. The. Time.
He never complains,
Never leaves early.
He even cleans up!
Leaves my kitchen all pearly.
And at the end a long day.
I'd rather have Bill.
Then a bunch of 'friends'
That give me no thrill. 

[And now to go hug my friends!]

Monday, March 27, 2017

A Day Out

[Rather than off to labor away, let's head out to the lake today.]

Paul headed out,
On a sunny day in spring.
To get a bit of sun,
On his boat and everything.
He brought a few friends.
And a snack or two.
They were acting a bit bonkers.
Like birds at the zoo.
A scuffle occurred, a bit of dissent.
And down into the water they went.
Some gasping could be heard.
Some flapping of wings
The roar of a lion
If you can believe such things.

But not to fear,
It was not a lion they could hear.
It was good old chuck on the shore
Encouraging them to do even more.

Shaking their heads they headed off again.
Boating around,
Fun in the sun with friends.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Headed Home

[I love family. The blood relatives, the married in relatives, and the people you call brother or sister or mom or uncle or whatever because it's the best description possible and you just really love having that person in your life.]

After a long time searching,
I'm with my family today.
It took me a while to find them
Sometimes I thought I'd lost my way.
But today it's right here.
And I'll be with them always,
Going to each event, or waiting nervously in hallways.

Today is so special.
To me most of all,
I spent forever waiting,
Waiting for someone to answer my call.

But amazingly,
Happily still.
I found them, 
I found them.
And I'll never get my fill.

I'll hold them and hug them,
And cherish them to no end.
And even when travelling,
My love I'll send. 

[I hope everyone has a gun weekend with family and see you on Monday.]

Thursday, March 23, 2017

I'm Laughing at You

[If you trip in a dramatic exaggerated way, I might giggle a little. As long as you're fine, that is.]

I fell over today.
I fell over really well.
Fell right on my wrist.
Now it's starting to swell.

I went to the doctor today,
A doctor named June.
She patched me up with a cast.
I was eating ice cream by noon.

I took a nap today.
On my comfy red couch.
I had to rest my arm.
It's not that I'm a slouch.

I learned to cook one-handed today.
And brush my teeth as well.
I can do anything one-handed.
Which is swell.

But I wish I hadn't tripped today.
It wasn't very fun.
But I admit when you giggled.
I knew I hadn't been undone.

You can recover today.
And be better tomorrow.
If you laugh with your friends.
Instead of reveling in sorrow. 

[I would probably laugh at me too if I'm honest.]

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Head Up not Down

[Something I'm sure Ants don't do: When you're trying to look all cool and you trip on a rock and fall on your face.]

I look up and around
I look both ways around town.
I wait for the light every time.
I never cut in line.
I wear my helmet
When riding around.
I can't believe
I fell down.
And not just down.
But way down,
Down to the ground
And in the middle of town.
I skinned my knee
Ripped my T.
And, I know they didn't mean it,
But my friends made fun of me.
I was trying to impress you see.
A nice person
That I wanted to look at me.
But now they see me just fine.
I'm that ant that fell that time.

[Buck up though, it's memorable and I doubt clumsiness is seen as a huge flaw... or at least no one's held it against me and my dexterity is 8 and that's with a +2 modifier.]
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